A little about Terri

Look, I know you have a voice, you have a choice, and your body knows the way! 

Spending time in Nature is a choice I make and my body is happy with that!

(in my case, that involves hiking, camping, and exploring new places  in my sun-bleached cap)

Twenty Years as a massage therapist has lead me to where I am today.  Even before that, I knew I would be helping people for a living.  It probably all started when I was a small child, but really, that’s a story for another time. 

What I have realized over all that time, is that stress, the “S” word, impacts far more than your physical body. 

In 2016 the answer to how to change my life from feeling like I was dying inside, slowly, in a boring fashion that no one else saw to a vibrant and fun life came to me.  BodyMind Coaching helped me come back to life and breathe some fresh air.  Personally and professionally.

The cosmic twig that encouraged me to attend massage school in 1999 was now encouraging me to look for what was next.  If you aren’t familiar with the cosmic twig, it is often described as a nudge, the whisper that you hear saying you need to change.  You know, the one you ignore to something big, usually unplesant, happens that forced you to change. 

The funny part was, the change I was looking for to help my clients get out of their stress patterns was also meant for me.  My clients were circling in their stress patterns.  Massage was only addressing the physical aspect.  

When I signed up to become a BodyMind Coach it was to help my clients address the mental and emotional side of stress.  To help them figure out the signals their body was giving them and then make empowered choices to improve their lives. 

Are you ready to make Change Happen for you?

Contact me at 970-201-2990 or email  TerriBrumett.Coach@gmail.com