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Accomplishments – Celebrate the Body Mind Way!

Redwoods – What a Major Accomplishment to be around for 100s of years

Small Accomplishments Matter

Fresh Air! And Beauty! Did you know we always have a fresh start waiting for us.

Any and Everyday we can start over.

Let’s start by feeling great about stuff we’ve done. One of my favorite coaching exercises I do with people is ask them to write down all the things they have accomplished. Humans tend to forget our accomplishments and remember our disappointments.

This is the time to remember and CELEBRATE your accomplishments.

Now before you say you haven’t accomplished anything, let me stop you. You have. We are learned to chew food, tie our shoelaces, learned to walk, made it out of school (in whatever fashion that happened), we get out of bed everyday (usually). Although you may not consider these facts as an accomplishment, they can count. We do the best we can do.On my list, I have bake a great pie crust from scratch. I did that, years ago, but I tell you, it took me awhile to get there. I also managed to face my fear of getting back into a pool and swimming. Didn’t know it was a problem until I couldn’t seem to put my face under water. That was also years ago. It stays on my list because it was big for me. Now, you can look at life accomplishments, you can look at what you accomplished last year.

Just MAKE THE LIST! Why you ask, the why is, we forget what we have done well, we remember what went wrong (judgment), and we then we make ourselves feel bad.

CELEBRATE Your Successes, Recognize what you have accomplished! Anything you’d like to share? What have you accomplished that makes your heart happy?

Sometimes feelings come up around celebrating ourselves. This might be a good time to see if some initutitve coaching can help. You can always reach me at 970-201-2990 – text or call. Or email.

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