You have A Choice and A Voice with Coaching

Life is full of surprises, obligations, and 100s of “I didn’t expect that” moments.  As busy women, it’s easy to get lost in taking care of others and we lose focus on ourselves.

You have been spending your life raising kids, supporting your spouse, maybe growing a business and you are tired, burned out, and maybe even a little sad.  That feeling you have of something missing, something not being right, isn’t what you were supposed to be experiencing right now.

Your parents are getting older and you are keenly aware that you don’t get your time back.  What little time you have is filled with a never-ending to do list! 

Does any of this sound familiar?

More than anything, you want to live your life with awareness and feeling alive and present in your day-to-day experiences.

I get it!  And I am happy to say that BodyMind Coaching is an ideal way to get it together!  BodyMind coaching helps you get out of your head, out of the crazy brain swirly that keeps you stuck, tired, and tuning out with FB scrolling or eating another pint of ice cream. 

When you’re stuck in a habitual stress pattern, it is basically impossible to get out on your own.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be stuck there.  (Personal experience talking.)

BodyMind Coaching helps you de-stress, and reconnect with the wisdom of your body.  It helps you get reconnected to what is important to you and how to create a life that reflects that. 

We look at the rules you’re living with and see which support you and which are ready to be replaced with a new, updated plan that actually takes you where you want to go – happy, healthy, and enjoying the moment in front of you.  

Coaching isn’t one more thing you need to do, it is THE ONE THING that will give you a new perspective on your life.  Trust me, if you are reading this, it is time.

From the ahas you gain through strategic coaching conversations and the information we receive from your body, we create an action plan for you that supports who you are, that honors what your heart and soul have been longing for, and gives you the tools to make it happen NOW!