Life is full of surprises, obligations, and 100s of “I didn’t expect that” moments.  As busy women, it’s easy to get lost in taking care of others and we lose focus on ourselves.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you were to describe your life you would say it is “good”, hiding that you are bored, tired, and searching for something.

You want to create your life, and not just take what is offered to you out of mindless routine.

You are keenly aware that you don’t get time back – just look at your parents and how much harder it is form them to travel or visit.

More than anything, you want to live your life with awareness and feeling alive and present in your day-to-day experiences.


You have been spending your life raising kids, supporting your spouse, maybe growing a business and you are tired, burned out, and maybe even a little sad.  That feeling you have of something missing, something not being right, isn’t what you were supposed to be experiencing right now.

What little time you have is filled with a never-ending to do list!


I am a Retreat Leader, BodyMind Method Certified Coach, Speaker and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

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