Energy and Intuition

Energetic Systems Get Cluttered

How many times have you felt like things just weren’t right, but you couldn’t exactly name it?

It’s possible that something is wonky in your energy field.  We all experience this from time to time, but when it seems to be overwhelming, we should try some energy clearing techniques

We’re energetic beings.  Our bodies run on it.   When there is interference somewhere in our system, it causes problems. 

To operate at your best ability and potential, clear out the energetic clutter.

There are two types of energetic clutter: internal and external.

Internal messy energy are issues that are often deeper.  They can be things that we picked up when we were children. They can be ancestral energetic wounds.  Internal energy debris can be patterns and habits we picked up from conditioning at home and from the world we live in.

During an energy session, we will work together to tap into your energy system and discover what’s happening on that level.

This is a pretty amazing gift we give ourselves.  It helps us release patterns and stuck energy so that we can feel lighter, and make better choices that support the lives we want to live.

For example, let’s say you have an issue with money, not because you can’t figure out how to balance your checkbook, but because you picked up from your family the belief that “there’s never enough money.” When we identify and energetically clear that internal energy, people can experience monumental improvements in how they interact with money.

External clutter is “outside” of us. It originates from our environment and from other people .  You’ve probably had the experience of going into a room, and you can feel somebody has been fighting with someone else. You attend a conference, and you’re totally exhausted at the end of the day, even though you don’t feel like you “did anything.”

What you did do, was move in and out of people’s energy all day long!

While looking at apartments or homes, have you even walked into the space and new something didn’t feel right.  You didn’t have a good explanation for it, but you did know that you weren’t going to live there because something didn’t seem right.

Maybe you’ve had the experience of always feeling drained around certain people. 

Well, a term for this is “energy vampire”. Energy Vampires are energy “suckers”; they are the people that drain your energy.  Personally, I feel  energy vampires, although usually associated with people, can also be places, or projects or even “to do” lists.

So, how do we work together to clear these internal and external energies?

Using intuition while getting myself grounded and centered, I tap into your energy field and look for information.  This information could be something I see, something I feel, or something I hear. I attune to all the senses which are activated during our session. Then, through physical motions, such as brushing away energy; conversation about what I sense and what you are experiencing we begin to clear your energy.

Sometimes, clearing can happen just by identifying the energy debris and recognizing that it exists. Similar to when you shine a light in the darkness, the darkness instantly disappears because you’ve illuminated it. 

At the end of a session, we discuss what was experienced, what you can do to support the process, and what comes next.  This is specific to each session. 

This work is directed by you and our energetic system.  I’m the bridge; I’m the conduit.

Energy has its own wisdom. And since we are energetic beings dwelling in physical bodies, our bodies’ energy actually knows what needs to happen first, so we listen to and act on what it tells us to do.

So, what are the benefits of energy/intuition sessions? What are some results you may experience?

I’ve worked with clients that have had a physical pain associated with high-stress levels, and after doing energy sessions with them they’ve experienced reduced pain in their body.

I’ve worked with a client who came in with migraine headaches at a rate of two or three headaches a week, and after working with me over a few energy sessions, she only had a headache once a


I’m always amazed at what happens physically in my clients. I’ve also had people on the “emotional mental level” that were going through confrontational work situations, where after we cleared the clutter using energy work, everything calmed down: The issues at work resolved, and people were getting along better.

People can really undervalue this very real (invisible) work, because you can’t touch it; it’s non-traditional “Western Medicine,” and it’s not “medical.” But correlatively, if we do energy work, and the next day, things resolve themselves, I’m going to be sure it had something to do with the energy work we did.

Overall, the benefits speak for themselves, and my clients can attest to the effects they’ve experienced in their lives, but here’s the thing: Although we’ll have some energy sessions, I also have tools I can give you to help you – EMPOWER YOU – to do this work yourself, so you can clear out energetic clutter any time you feel the need. 

We’re energetic beings. We have so many capabilities, we just have to learn them. 

I’d love to teach you these tools.

Learn Some Tools

Get Unstuck

Move Your Energy!


“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” - Carolyn Myss