Energy 101: Using Your Internal Compass

This seminar will give you an opportunity to look inside, listen to your body, and learn cool skills to make decision making easier and aligned with your heart.

If you’ve read a bunch of books about intuition and energy, but never followed the exercises – this class is for you. I know I learn so much better in a hands-on setting where I can easily be walked through an exercise and get my questions answered.

Experience a powerful way to know if something is a “yes” for you or a “no” for you. Use this skill to leave outside influences out of your decisions.

Learn how to use the energy of emotion to connect with your goals and dreams and create them faster.

Explore several ways to instantly raise your energy and vibrations and WHY you would want to! 

Laughter Yoga

Bring in Laughter Yoga for a Private Event

Seriously, there is a thing called Laughter Yoga. Come relax your muscles, improve your mood, and lower your stress hormones. Let the playfulness of laughter and using your imagination improve your health. No special clothes are needed and you don’t need to bring a mat. Bring a willingness to learn and a water bottle for yourself.