Forest Reiki®:
Partnering with the Forest for Healing

Forest Reiki is a natural healing method that partners with the forests and trees on the planet, which we are all “grown” from.  Reiki, two Japanese words combined, means Universal Energy.  When we add in the Forest, we are tapping into the natural universal energy of the Forest and the trees.  Forest Reiki(™) is a more feminine, more inclusive form of a natural healing technique

Have you ever noticed when you are out in nature, the mountains or at the beach, maybe even just breathing in the fresh air that there is a clearing, a feeling of wellness?  Being in nature and connecting with the  trees and forests helps us stay balanced and connected to our source.

Terri Brumett

Life force energy is the basis for healing our physical, mental, and emotional bodies here on Earth.  People receiving Forest Reiki have reported feeling more peaceful, having physical symptoms relieved, and being more connected to the world they live in.  Energy work is unique to each individual with many different experiences.  Clients have reported being calmer, grounded, relaxed and refreshed. You may also experience less anxiety and a decrease in any pain symptoms. 

When you receive a Reiki treatment in person, you will be fully clothed, often lying down on a treatment table.

We will discuss what is going on with you, what you would like to address and how the session will start. Because I work intuitively, each session is guided by the energy present at the moment. My job is to hold the energy field for your system to activate its own healing.  Forest Reiki(™) is activated and the energy flow is started by connecting to the Universal Energy and then specifically to the Forest and tree energy.

Energy chooses where it needs to go first, so even though you may want to work on your knee issue, I may be drawn to your neck. Your body’s wisdom starts to remember how to heal itself naturally. The benefits of reiki can be so subtle that a person may dismiss the experience or changes. It can also be obvious, such as you come in with a headache and leave without one, or you feel more connected into your body.

If you are receiving a distance session, after the appointment is set, you may choose to find a  quiet place to sit or lay down to receive the session. Maybe you choose to sit outside near some trees, or a quiet room in your home. When the appointment is scheduled, the Forest Reiki will be activated for you.

Clients have reported feeling calmer, grounded, relaxed, and decreased pain and less anxiety. Your body has an opportunity to start making repairs and healing naturally.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” - Carolyn Myss


Being connected helps us heal. In our modern-day lives, it’s easy to forget how disconnected we are from Source, and how connected we are to distraction. Forest Reiki is an intentional way to enter into a state of healing and reconnecting with the natural world.

When you receive a Forest Reiki session, the forest will become your partner for healing and health.  You may see visions of what is blocking or holding back healthy flow in your life; you’ll be given direct access to nature’s wisdom – not just through words but also emotionally with feelings that are typically full of insight and guidance you already possess, but are drowned out by the daily noise, distractions, and emotional states triggered by our modern-day lives.

Forest Reiki reminds us that we are all one; we are all part of and from Source, and sitting in that remembrance helps us access the healing energy present to us at any moment we chose to receive it.