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Self Worth

Self Worth

Self worth has come up recently as a theme with my coaching clients.

If you ever wonder if your worthy, if you deserve to be here, if there is something wrong with you… all the yuckies that go with the thoughts…..

I am here to tell you:

You matter.

You are supposed to be here right now.

You are a valuable contributor to this planet.

You offer unique qualities.

It doesn’t matter if you were born into a big family, if you are an only, if you were the oppsie baby, if you weren’t planned, if you were adopted……

You are here, you matter, there is so much love for you because you are here right now. Your way of becoming a human on this planet was a means of getting you here. Transportation.

You are worthy. Not because of what you’ve done, because you exist!

These are Redwood trees..they’ve been around 1000, 2000 or more years! They have seen it all. And, their existence is amazing. And so is yours!

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